The Project

Contract Value: £97,231.50

Architect: Cheshire Designs

Duration: 16 Weeks  

Procurement Method: Competitive Tender Process

Project Outline: 

A ‘live’ during school works – consisting of building a new extension.

Extension works are to be undertaken to the existing primary school to create additional teaching space in the form of 3 new intervention rooms and an open plan teaching area. The existing structure is a single storey steel framed building with masonry infill wall panels and an unoccupied roof space and a pitched roof supporting batten and tiles. 

The proposed works comprise a single storey extension formed in load-bearing masonry under an existing overhang roof canopy supported by a corner column.

Challenges faced and solutions to these: – 

  • Identified at pre-start meeting that we had not received any fenestration drawings which were required in order to ensure windows could be ordered with enough time for led time. Requested several times in meetings, phone calls and via email to no avail. In order to prevent any further delay windows were ordered by taking measurement off brickwork once superstructure was formed and thus works duration had to be extended due to window lead time.
  • M&E specification was changed during the works when the architect discovered that he had not included for the installation of mechanical ventilation as was required for the extension in order for it to comply with building regulations. Once the architect provided us with the relevant specification, we ensured that works were undertaken in as timely a manner as possible in order to prevent further delays.
  • The addition after completion of works to airbricks to the gable end as requested by the building inspector which had been left off the drawings and specification by the architect was facilitated and undertaken in a timely manner in order to ensure that the structure complied with building regulations.