Different from the start

We understand that being a skilled tradesperson can be a hard way to make a living, so the first thing we do is treat you as our trade allies so  that we can build a long term relationship for our mutual benefit.

We do this by paying particular attention to 3 core areas of our operation:

  1. Setting realistic turnaround times on jobs
  2. Providing a steady work flow
  3. Matching your skills to the project

Our aim to be the first choice for skilled tradespeopke when you choose to work with a main contractor. We are recognised for our fair ways of working, providing great financial returns and forming long-term relationships.

What are the benefits for you?

Construction Linx is committed to making you an integral part of our team. As we move forward and consolidate our successes we want to base our relationship with you on trust and for us it’s a two way street.

We are able to provide a commitment to help you plan and evolve whilst working with Construction Linx.

You get:

  • Great rates, agreed at the outset with you
  • Regular payment dates for your planning
  • Regular, reliable and local work linked to your expertise & working area
  • A reduction in your costs due to us supplying a proportion of your work
  • A long term relationship with mutually beneficial advantages.
  • Advanced notification of projects so you can plan your workload.



Gareth Williams Construction Linx Crewe Cheshire

“Construction Linx is full of the most talented people, and it is people that make the difference. I can think of no other main contractor, big or small, that can compete with the passion and ability of those within our company. It would be great to have you join us.”

Gareth Williams
Managing Director






A little bit about us

Construction Linx are a commercial building company offering New Build, Refurbishment and Maintenance services in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors. We are looking for single tradesmen as well as medium sized building contractors due to an increasing demand for our services. We currently need to expand our select list of skilled tradesmen across all trades

The secret of our success

  • Resilience – We managed to grow the company at a time when our industry was hit particularly hard by the recession.
  • Excellent Financial Management – Our success is in no small way due to the sound financial strategy and astute business planning.
  • A Clear Business Strategy & Excellent Customer Service – We have a unique account management approach to customer service which is pinged around the professionalism of our trade allies
  • Planning For Growth – Our management team demonstrate exemplary leadership and management skills – not normally seen in businesses of our size.

“The management team at Construction Linx are clearly focussed on building the business. What’s more, they’ve managed to do this during a difficult economic time through insightful business strategy and by delivering superb customer service.” Award Judge in the 2015 South Cheshire business accolade

We want you to find that working with Construction Linx is a profitable and enjoyable experience: As a trade ally you will work alongside our in-house team of skilled tradesmen & form an integrated part of our successful team. You will play a vital role of forming the long term relationship necessary to build both businesses.


“We have been working alongside the team at Construction Linx for almost 7 years now, in that time we have found that any work we have done with them has been well paid and more importantly paid on time. We have always found the work to be well organised and the site has always been safely run. The guys that we have worked with have always been easy to work with and we have received good communication from them and the office staff.”

“We were contacted by Construction Linx just before Christmas (2015) asking us to assist in a large job that they had recently won, we were initially reluctant but were so surprised at how well they set up they are that we have worked with them several times since. The work has always been paid on time and very well. We have been told where to be and when and the Construction Linx staff have always treated us well and are easy to work alongside. We look forward to working with them again in the future.”

“We actually were recommended by a work friend who had unfortunately for him, but fortunately for us got too much work on his plate to be able to help at a certain time, it worked out to our advantage as we had not long set up on our own, luckily Gareth could see our potential and gave us a chance, we have now been working with Construction Linx for 5 years, we have established our business with a helping hand from them. In the early days a reliable stream of work with a steady flow and good pay rate took a lot of stress off us.”

Want to find out more? Contact us

Email: info@constructionlinx.co.uk
Web: www.constructionlinx.com
Tel: 01270 848700