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Top Three Factors To Consider For Your Commercial Washroom Refurbishment

If you’re planning to refurbish or renovate your business’ washrooms, there are many factors to consider before you begin.

Commercial washrooms have to adhere to strict guidelines and laws, and unlike with bathrooms in your own home you need to ensure your refurbished washrooms in your business premises meet all regulatory requirements.

Renovating washrooms for offices, factories, warehouses and other commercial property can be complex and there are many elements you need to consider, which is why you should only use washroom specialists to undertake your project.

Top 3 Things To Do When Planning A Washroom Refurbishment

Count Heads

The number of toilets and washbasins your workplace requires depends on how many people will be on the premises at any one time. This is because the law states commercial buildings need a minimum number that varies according to the head count. For example, an office with up to five employees only needs one unisex toilet and washbasin, whereas commercial premises with between 75-100 people must have at least five toilets.

Consider Users

It may sound obvious but by spending a bit of time thinking about just who will be using the washroom facilities in the future, you will save both time and money in the long run. What will the users need? For example, will they need hand sanitising gel, accessible from special dispensers? Or access to baby-change amenities? Also consider if you need to use special anti-vandal equipment to protect the washroom products from accidental or deliberate damage – investing in tougher pieces for your new washroom may cost more initially but ultimately works out more cost effective for busy commercial premises likes schools, pubs, clubs and leisure centres.

Think Health & Safety

Commercial washrooms have to comply with Health & Safety regulations as well as other legal guidelines. For example, to comply, cubicle sizes must be right for the business and employee numbers, as well as accessible, and there must be both hot and cold water plus soap and means to dry hands. This is in addition to other requirements such as suitable lighting, ventilation and cleanliness for the room as a whole.

Why You Need Washroom Specialists

Washroom refurbishment specialists understand the whole process, including design, project management, and installation, to ensure there are no costly mistakes and the end result works well in the business setting. Meticulous planning and workmanship make all the difference when it comes to saving businesses time and money with washroom refurbishments.

Regulatory requirements for commercial washrooms include having sufficient numbers of toilets, suitable lighting and ventilation as well as hot and cold running water. You also want to ensure you make the most of the space available and that the project runs smoothly from start to finish, including having the right design, and installing products in the correct order to avoid costly delays.

Why Choose Construction Linx For Your Washroom Refurbishment?

Construction Linx has the experience and knowledge to undertake washroom refurbishment work and can help with your renovation project. We have managed washroom projects ranging from the straightforward through to the complex, and managed work for both smaller offices and for large commercial sites – and all work is completed professionally, punctually and to an extremely high standard.

Throughout every washroom refurbishment project, there is minimal disruption to the individual business as we fully understand the pressures of commercial environments. If we undertake your washroom renovation, we’d work hard to ensure your office, factory or warehouse could operate as normal from start until completion.

As your chosen washroom specialist, we would work closely with you and support you at every stage. From helping you select the right design, materials and products for the area through to planning the installation and adhering to all regulatory requirements, we will ensure your refurbished washroom suits the end users and your business needs.

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