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From industrial units to high-tech office blocks, Construction Linx has experience of working with a host of high-profile businesses, as well as many small enterprises.

We’re factory fitted

Because we can call on a wide variety of skills and trades, we are able to meet most property requirements, both from basic ‘shell’ warehouses to more complex plant.

We are currently the principle contractor working on a fire damaged industrial unit on a project valued around £380,000 and are familiar with works ranging from £250,000 to £1,000,000.

However there are also numerous ‘handyman’ jobs like leaks, drains and gutters that all require attention at some point – usually at the most inconvenient time! That’s where the ‘one-stop-shop’ nature of our business comes to the fore.

And it’s not just the fabric of your premises that we have under control, our vast experience with ground maintenance and groundwork issues will ensure the surrounds to your building look in prime condition.

The flexibility of our refurbishment offerings is another key benefit. We have teams located across the North and Midlands, which means we’re able to provide a speedy, efficient and highly professional answer to property problems. We are experienced in looking after multi-site operators, where clients rely on us to solve the problems that go with this specific business.