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From industrial units to high-tech office blocks, Construction Linx has experience of working with a host of high-profile businesses, as well as many small enterprises.

Our clients in this sector get involved in many different kinds of projects, both commercial and domestic. We are well aware that most practices will have some kind of approved tender list for the projects which they work on. We are happy to complete any required PQQs.

3rd Party Insurance

When working with an architect, surveyor or agent, we understand that there is invariably a third party to please. In addition, there is usually a high degree of detail involved in this kind of work. We have found that our clients in this sector demand professionalism in the way quotes are submitted. Our experienced estimators understand that providing this kind of service can help with fulfilling the expectations of the client. As a result we have built up a loyal client base of professionals who work with the construction industry.