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Emergency building maintenance contracts exist to provide business premises’ owners with total peace of mind – the confidence that comes from knowing, should the worst happen you know exactly who to call and that any urgent issues will be dealt with rapidly and effectively.

For some, the summer holidays have only just begun, but for all, the summer months will be over before we know it and the cold, wet winter weather will soon creep up on us. When the weather turns, the chances of properties flooding or suffering emergency problems with the roof or structure increase – do you know what would happen to your office, factory or warehouse premises if there was ever an emergency?

3 Reasons To Put An Emergency Property Maintenance Contract In Place

Peace Of Mind

When you have emergency property maintenance cover set up for your business, you can relax because you’re prepared – even if disaster strikes in the middle of the night and you need urgent repair works carried out, your emergency contract will ensure you receive the rapid response needed.


Emergencies are often untimely and can cause a great deal of disruption during out-of-hours. When you have emergency maintenance cover in place, you can call your chosen company any time of the day or night, 24/7, and they will carry out the repair work quickly – and every member of your team will know who to call, making the process easy for all concerned.

Save Time And Money

The faster you respond to an emergency property situation, the less costly the repairs are likely to be – by putting a stop to flooding fast or fixing a leaky roof during the night instead of waiting till morning, you could save money by minimising the extent of the damage.

Choose Planned Maintenance For Maximum Cover, Minimum Costs

When it comes to choosing a firm for your emergency property maintenance cover, you need to find one with a track record in emergency repairs and quick callout times – and ideally one that offers planned maintenance contracts too.

Planned maintenance means working with your chosen firm to work out a schedule for keeping your office, factory or warehouse in the best possible condition long-term – by doing so, you should avoid or at least minimise the risk of emergencies striking in the first place as issues are spotted and fixed before they become big problems. If your premises still suffer from a disaster such as a flood, despite the planned maintenance you have in place, your construction contractors will know your site well, know you and your team well, and know just how to repair the situation in the quickest time and with the most effective results, helping to reduce the size of the repairs bill.

Construction Linx offers an emergency, fast and reliable when-needed service, as well as a planned maintenance service, to suit the needs of your business and premises.

To find out more about how our maintenance services and how both our planned and emergency property maintenance contracts can help your business, get in touch today on 01270 848700 or email

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