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Refurbishment projects made easy

If you want to update or renovate your property and bring it into the 21st Century or even if it needs a redesign to free up space for your business we have the necessary skills to make sure your project runs smoothly.

We have worked on many refurbishment projects over the years and the number one concern is always how the work can be done with the minimum disruption. We understand that whether you are responsible for a school or an office building, keeping it operational while the workplace refurbishment is happening is key.

So why choose Construction Linx to handle your refurbishment?

Detailed Project Management

You have heard the saying fail to plan, plan to fail. We plan refurbishment projects meticulously with a team of Project Managers and Site Managers. They are experienced in planning and managing projects of all sizes and types, and go to great lengths to ensure that each project runs safely and to programme. They will also make sure there are no hidden costs and that your business remains functional while work is going on.

Planning Permissions

Refurbishment work can sometimes require planning permission. This will need to be applied for with your local authority. There are plenty of stories of people failing to get proper planning permission for projects which can prove very costly. We have an experienced team who understand the planning process ensuring your project runs smoothly and within local area rules and regulations.

Professional & Experienced Contractors

As one of the region’s leading contractors we can offer a superior service in all types of refurbishment work. This extends from the simple and straightforward office, to the most comprehensive and demanding large-scale projects. We can also offer value for money and save you a lot of of time sourcing professional tradespeople yourself.

We have all the skills to carry out all necessary structural work, renovation, installation of services as well as painting and decoration. All this work is done under the professional management of experienced people, delivered to the highest quality standards and meeting all relevant regulations and legislation.

Whether you are simply moving the existing pieces of your office around, or need new areas creating and equipment installed in your school, we will carry out work to an agreed schedule with minimal disruption to your organisation.

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