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It is anticipated that schools and colleges will be re-opening in September 2020, therefore there is an importance to act now and ready your premises for a safe return to education.

We expect there to be a significant amount of uncertainty from members of staff, students and parents, it’s vital that you have prepared for this return, safely.  We have expanded on our cleaning and prevention solutions to offer you a range of services to improve the building cleanliness, protect the welfare of your staff and also to ensure your building is equipped with social distancing notices.

Our Solutions

ULV Cleaning

Our ultra-low volume spraying service atomises special disinfectant formula and uses static technology to adhere the disinfectant to all surfaces and kill bacteria and germs. The Ultra-low volume disinfectant formula has been developed for high level disinfection of hard and soft surfaces, environments, equipment and air.

The spraying droplets are small enough to be carried on air currents into small cracks and crevices that are hard to reach using conventional treatments yet still heavy enough to settle out within an hour, so that treated areas can be re-entered with the minimum of delay.

Polypropylene workplace screens

Our workplace protection screens are installed to protect the front line members of staff who encounter customer engagement directly on a face to face basis. This has been used across a number of schools and colleges to protect their reception desks and information centres.

Our Polypropylene workplace screens are: –

  • 4mm thick for shatter proof protection
  • Easy to clean
  • Available for afterhours installation
  • Tailor made to your exact requirements
  • Offer service hatches for easy transfer of goods and documentation
  • Our screens are quick to install and leave no trace of installation

Social distancing signage

It is vital that everyone is aware of what actions they will need to take in order to keep themselves and others safe. It’s important that you take the necessary action to protect your students, staff and visitors. The government is expected to announce that social distancing measures will be rolled out for an extended period of time, therefore we encourage that schools have Coronavirus protection and social distancing health and safety signs around the premises.


We provide and install a range of signs for you to display around your school for everyone to clearly read and view, this will assist in the implementation of social distancing and make students constantly aware of the actions they have to take.


Ready your premises for a safe return to education ensuring all appropriate action has been taken

Reassure students, staff and families that the safety precautions have been taken and a safe environment has been created

Remove any lingering bacteria and germs from the hard surfaces within your offices

Take action in the national fight to beat the Coronavirus and reduce the risk of a second outbreak

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