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Code of Conduct

The following document is a no nonsense guide to how we expect our approved tradesmen to portray themselves professionally at all times and helps us to be upfront as to the  standards we expect.

We have broken it into 2 areas:

  • Our Code of Conduct

Covering the basics of how we wish to engage and how we expect you to assist us in promoting a professional representation of our overall service.

  • Sub-Contractors Terms of Business Contract

Providing the back drop to both parties role, responsibilities & obligations 

Both documents are to be read and understood as they give a clear insight into how we run our operation and confirmation that you agree in signing the supplier profile form.


We expect:-

  • Reasonable reaction times to our requests for support to our overall operation, this includes being able to turn around quotations within service level agreement dates.
  • Being available by mobile when called or making site visits to attend to reactive/urgent call outs.
  • Communication between us and yourselves for any appointments where you are running late, going to miss an appointment and feedback to jobs being finished either early or late so that we can inform the customer with as much notice as possible.
  • To inform us of your availability so if you are booked up with your own works for 4 weeks Construction Linx are aware of this so we don’t waste your time in you taking a call from us when you are not available to do any works in this time frame. This can also work that if you are free or a job is cancelled we may be able to pass you further works or at least you will be on our radar for any job which comes up.


We expect:-

  • You to arrive on site ready to work at the agreed time for any given task, thereafter all time keeping is in accordance within an agreed plan.
  • Contractors experiencing problems must report them to our office leaving us with adequate time to react & overcome the difficulties in order for us to notify the customers of these change.

Trade Competence

We expect:-

  • Tradesmen to be able to work within “industry workmanship standards” by completing the task within given durations & to a high standard so that we gain total confidence in your ability to satisfy such measures.
  • It is important that you understand that you only put yourself forward for the trade skills which you are competent at undertaking. Your competency is measured by the quality of your work compared to our in-house check list and the time in which it takes to produce it.

Health & Safety

We expect:-

Personal Protection Equipment – It is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct PPE for the job you are doing.  Below is the list of mandatory items which you must wear where appropriate –

  • Hi-Vis Vest – Mandatory on all jobs
  • Head protection – Helmet
  • Foot Protection – Steel Toe Caps Boots
  • Hand Protection – All purpose protective gloves
  • Body Protection – Suitable Jacket and Trousers
  • Hearing Protection – Ear Muffs
  • Eye Protection – Safety Spectacles / Goggles

How do/will we check this ?

All other PPE can be such as fall protection harnesses, dust masks and full face shields are to be your responsibility as and when required. A risk and method statement will ensure the correct PPE is present before we start the works.  

Portraying a Professional image

We expect:-

We take the relationship with our customer seriously and ensure the image we portray is seen as nothing short of outstanding. We expect that you be professional and courteous at all times.  It is because customers rate us on these simple measures that we carry out regular site visits to monitor these same areas of our service.

  • Make site introduction and sign in (where required)
  • Take protective measures (overshoes, floor covering, sheeting etc…)
  • Set tools & other equipment up as required
  • Carryout the actual works as specified (prep through to completion)
  • Allow time to clean the area so as to leave it as you found it

Site Cleanliness

We expect:-

  • You are to keep work areas free of debris and hazards at all times in accordance with health and safety requirements and our own high housekeeping standards.
  • The site to be litter free and should be either put in a bin, skip or at a minimum in a plastic bag if not working near your van to stop accidents and customer complaints .
  • To work in a safe manner and in accordance with the HSE regulation and risk & method statements provided by Construction Linx or yourselves.
  • Start as you mean to go on – prepare & protect the working area.
  • Clean up mess as soon as practically possible & avoid making cleaning harder.
  • Ensure your last job isn’t the next tradesmen’s first.
  • Don’t fall foul of our clean up or pay up policy, we deduct the cost of any clean up carried out by anyone else based on photographic evidence


We expect:-

  • We pay 30 days from date of receipt of invoice and not the date which is on the invoice.  It helps Construction Linx for you to put your invoice in as soon as possible when the job is complete especially for reactive or unquoted works, this is so we can maintain a good cash flow and invoice our customer and then if we get paid then we have the money to pay you to on time.


These core customer lead measures are monitored via site inspections and regular communication with our operations department, your adhesion to them is crucial if Construction Linx and you are to gain more work.



Most of the work we do is estimated in house by using national schedule of rates which is based on pre-identified trade hour/day rates x expected duration of task to complete.

If we ask you to quote for work we will give you the information required to allow you to produce an accurate quotation. In some cases this will require a visit to our customer’s site or home to obtain all necessary information to complete the quotation.

  • Respond within 48 hours of your interest to quote or will presume otherwise
  • Provide written quotation within 72 hours, if you cannot carry out the quotation in this time then please let Construction Linx know so we can pass this onto another contractor (this will NOT stop us passing you works in the future but will help us to keep up good customer relations) Please cover the following detail:-
    • Full description of work to be carried out with sketched plan if required.
    • The time it will take to do the work contracted through to completion.
    • The materials required to complete the work, itemised by supplier and price.
    • If you are not V.A.T. registered we may supply the materials to you using your list of requirements.

Work Schedule & Hours

On planned jobs, making sure you arrive at the job at 8:30am and leave at 5:00pm this is important, if we pay for 8 hours, we work for 8 hours unless the job is already complete and the areas we have worked are clean and tidy

Tools & Materials

We expect all tradesmen to have their own trade related hand tools to complete the job. Any plant hire which is required will be placed on our account and organised unless previously agreed.

There is to be NO unauthorised purchase or hire of tools/plant on neither our account nor yours, as all costs must be requested through the office/Construction Linx site personnel  before they are attributed to the job. Any costs which are not authorised will not be reimbursed.

Any hire of our tools must be signed for and returned in the same condition as you took them. It is your responsibility to look after such items as you will be charged for the repair or replacement of any damages.