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Planned maintenance means you stay in control – of your business as well as your premises, whether that is an office or factory building, warehouse or school or nursery – and this is why it is important to have a maintenance contract in place for your property.

Top 3 Reasons You Need Planned Maintenance

Spot checks

With regular, scheduled maintenance works, you’re able to identify potential issues before they become big problems. This enables you to fix matters early, thereby saving you time and money in the long run by drastically reducing your risk of emergencies.

Smooth work

By scheduling maintenance works, you can ensure all work is carried out at a time convenient for your business – without the need to disrupt teachers in your school, employees in the office or interrupt productivity in the factory or warehouse. Most of the time, work is performed outside of business hours which has the added benefit of removing safety issues around having contractors onsite when the office or factory is busy.

Peace of mind

With a planned approach to maintenance you can get the most out of your office, factory or School or Academy premises, keeping it efficient and safe at all times whilst minimising the risk of having to deal with an emergency. You can prioritise the work you want and plan it to suit your business and budget, to ensure it all meets your specific requirements.

How To Choose Your Planned Maintenance Provider

There are numerous benefits of having a planned maintenance contract in place for your office or factory building, although you need to make sure you select the right provider for your company. You want to work with a firm that provides the highest possible standard of workmanship and offers specialist services that meet the needs of your business.

When you find the right provider, you’ll discover that planned maintenance is collaborative and that everything that is scheduled is agreed beforehand. A company like Construction Linx makes an initial onsite visit to review and assess the work needed. The appointed Construction Linx account manager then works closely with the business to plan and oversee the particular works, to ensure each planned maintenance project is carried out promptly and professionally.

With a plan in place, you can make the most of your company’s downtime for minimum disruption and maximum efficiency. For example, our contractors often work outside of office or operational hours so that the business performs as normal and the maintenance work is done at a convenient time for the individual company.

As a result of our extensive experience within the construction, refurbishment and maintenance sectors, we can provide many specialist services that cover all trades, including routine and tailored cleaning, and interior and exterior building works to meet your needs – in addition to providing emergency repairs if needed.

To find out more about the planned maintenance contracts we offer and how they can help you to stay in control of your business or educational establishment, get in touch today on 01270 848700 or email

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